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Full Moon Ficathon is Open for Sign-ups

Welcome to Trademark:Stoicism's Full Moon Ficathon to show our love of our favorite werewolf: Oz!

Prompts posted/Sign Ups Begin: April 3, 2011 (New Moon)
Start Posting Stories: May 17th (Full Moon)
Master List Is Posted: June 15th Extended to July 15th (Full Moon)

1. All stories must feature Oz (neé Daniel Osbourne). All pairings are welcome (Het, Slash, Conventional and Unconventional) as well as Gen fics.
2. This is not a fic exchange ficathon. Just sign up with one prompt from each of the list and one from the table below and start writing.
3. You may claim as many prompts as you like. You can write one story for every day during the posting period or just one to be posted at any time the posting period.
4. Multiple people can use the same prompts because I know every author will have a different take on them.
4. Please use the form below to sign up in the comments of this post so that I can keep track of who is participating and which prompts people are choosing. You may continue to sign up for additional prompts until the Master List is posted.
3. All stories must be posted at trdmarkstoicism. If you prefer to link to the text of the story at your LJ, that's fine, but at least the header info and a link need to be posted to the community. (I just adjusted the settings so that anyone may post, but posts do still go into a queue to be approved before they will show up in the community. There have just been too many spambots lately.)
4. Stories must be at least 1000 words and can be as long as you want.
5. All stories must be new. No recycled works allowed.

Prompt List:
01) Spike and Oz picking up hair dye (or nail polish).
02) Oz decides to come back to Sunnydale (again) and trying to win Willow back.
03) What if Oz convinced Willow to give him a second chance?
04) Spike and Oz connect over their Initiative experiences.
05) Oz stays in Los Angeles after bringing Angel the Gem of Amara.
06) Oz comes back for the final battle in Season 7.
07) Oz and someone enjoying the experience of vinyl together.... as in vinyl albums.
08) Oz goes to work for The Big Computer Company. He's just an ordinary office worker, right?
09) Oz has a tough night one full moon. Someone helps him to hold on to his cool and beat the wolf.
10) Oz and Veruca survive and get together.
11) Oz, Jordy and a family of werewolves.
12) Oz gets the demon bite in Earshot. What does he hear? What does he do with the knowledge?
13) Oz doesn't leave in s4. Where do the fun AU things happen? Pick one if an alternative season seems too long! (e.g. Does Oz losing his voice in Hush make a big difference? Does Oz detect Faith in the bodyswap? How do things work out with Willow - and Tara?)
14) Another BtVS character gets wolfed, and Oz helps the character transition.
15) After New Moon Rising, Oz and Spike commiserate.
16) Xander and Oz, just hanging out and enjoying guy time sometime circa S3 or early S4.
17) That one full moon Dawn ended up Oz-sitting by herself.
18) Oz + Giles + music
19) When Willow's magic gets out of control, Tara contacts Oz.
20) Oz joins the Fang Gang
21) Oz babysits Dawn (Dawn insert S1-3, please)
22) After being captured by the Initiative, Spike and Oz leave SunnyD together.
23) Wolf!Oz eats Rat!Amy
24) Wolf!Veruca bites Willow. What does Oz do when he finds out?
25) Oz doesn't need a Slayer, a Witch or a Vampire to be a hero, all on his own.
26) Oz gets chatty when he's high.
27) When Oz was seven years old...
28) Oz's first dye-job.
29) Tell how Oz learns to play the guitar.
30) Years after leaving Sunnydale, Oz averts an apocalypse in the unlikeliest of places.
31) Oz gets pierced.
32) Buffy gives Oz her version of the shovel!talk.
33) Instead of the Fluke driving everyone apart, it brings Oz, Willow and Xander closer.
34) When Angel sent Nina away, he sent her to Oz.
35) How Oz got his cool vibe

Prompt Table
animal crackers beast cage complex control
cool deep Dingoes feral fingernail polish
full moon funny genius guitar guitar picks
hair dye Istanbul laconic living groupie free loyalty
lycanthrope mellow misfit monkey pants music
on the road rootless sarcastic serious solidarity
Tibet van werewolf witty zen

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